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When it comes to installing ADA mats, there are two main methods that help ensure a quick, low-cost, safe and compliant installation process. While both methods are installer-friendly and use the lightweight engineered plastic ADA mats, the applications are different depending on if they are being installed on an already existing concrete surface, or a fresh site.

The lowest cost option is the cast in place method, where the ADA mats are secured into fresh concrete during the time of pour. Embedment holes in the perimeter flange allow concrete to flow through the embedment flanges and anchor the ADA mats in place after installation. In order to make the installed product more structurally sound, bleeder holes are located on the perimeter flange just below the surface to allow any air trapped to escape after concrete has been set. The ADA mats installation process of cast in place is quick, affordable, and efficient for new concrete surfaces.



When upgrading an already existing concrete surface to include ADA mats, the surface applied technique is a quick and easy way to increase detectability, decrease liability, and comply with ADA standards.

After the ADA mats have been preliminarily placed and traced in the designated areas, the concrete is prepped by using a mini grinder to remove impurities, level the surface, and increase the adhesion factor between the ADA mats and concrete surfaces. After a blower has removed the dust from the area and both the concrete and ADA mats have been wiped with an acetone rag, the tile is ready to have bond adhesive applied.

The adhesive is applied along the perimeter and on the cross-pattern. The ADA mats are set on the designated locations and pressed firmly into place. Fasteners are then drilled into the tiles to provide extra anchorage. The final step is applying perimeter sealant to the space between the ADA mats and concrete surfaces.

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