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ADA MATS Truncated Domes

When it comes to the optimal design of ADA mats, ten years of research have concluded that truncated domes offer the best combination of detectability, durability and slip-resistance.

Truncated domes are the Federally legislated standard for ADA mats and are in place on sidewalks, crosswalks, rail platforms, and in warning of many other potential hazards. Research has indicated that truncated domes offer better visual, tactile, and audible detectability than other surface grooves and striation patterns that were tested on ADA mats.


Truncated domes are closely spaced to ensure that pedestrians can easily maintain stability on ADA mats. The domes are comprised of a diamond-hard vitrified polymer, which makes them durable as well as weather, slip and wear resistant, making a solid case for entrusting the care of pedestrians to ADA mats.



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The small domes made of engineered plastic have been proven to stand up to the heavy and dynamic loads of moving vehicles, electric wheelchairs and even pallet trucks. With the help of truncated domes, ADA mats will live through and excel in any weather condition and stand up to years and years of use and abuse.


Truncated domes first became relied upon on ADA mats at the edge of rail platforms and from there spread to curb ramps, sidewalks and in front of stairways and other hazardous areas. With the help of truncated domes, ADA mats have been hard at work preventing accidents and incidents in the United States since 1990.